The Liquor Barn Welcomes Black Shirt Brewing!

Black Shirt Brewing at The Denver Liquor Barn

The good folks at Black Shirt Brewing are already enjoying a lot of buzz about their beers.  Now that The Liquor Barn has their brews, you can enjoy some of that buzz, too.

BLACK SHIRT BREWING CO is an artisanal brewing company that combines classic and timeless technique coupled with progressive innovation and unwavering commitment to quality to create the very pinnacle of beer.  BSB had their story featured in the documentary Crafting a Nation, a must-see for any craft beer enthusiast.

We’re currently stocking two of BSB’s brews:

Black Shirt Brewing American Red Ale at The Denver Liquor Barn

Colorado Red Ale

Notes of caramel, toffee, and dark chocolate on the body with citrusy and fruity undertones, and floral overtones. This beer is slightly malty, delicately hoppy, and an absolute celebration of our great state.  It is dynamic without being loud, complex without being complicated.  Enjoy!

Black Shirt Brewing American Red Porter at The Denver Liquor Barn

American Red Porter

Dark and milk chocolate, roasted coffee, and subtle hints of caramel and toffee on the nose and palate.  The texture of this beer is silky-smooth, creamy, and incredibly decadent. A dark yet delicate bitterness washes away the richness, leaving your palate refreshed & wanting more.


We’ll be bringing in more of BSB’s linup as soon as we can, but the demand for this brewery is already making availability scarce.  Try them out at The Liquor Barn today!