Dad and Dude’s DANK IPA

Dank IPA at The Liquor Barn

With the passing of Amendment 64, Colorado is quickly becoming synonymous with recreational marijuana.  While Colorado’s new reputation for….recreation….may not be popular with everyone, there’s no denying that marijuana has quickly become such a huge part of the state’s culture.  Colorado has long been associated with microbrew beers, snow, and hippies.  But it’s hard to think of anything more “Colorado” than a pot themed microbrew!

Dank IPA is as local as they come.  It’s made by Dad and Dude’s Breweria, a pizzaria and brewpub in Aurora (the smallest pizzaria/brewpub in Colorado, according to their website).  Dank is a traditional India Pale Ale, with a few interesting tweaks.   The can gives a few notes on the flavor, with many attributes you’d expect from a great IPA (floral, citrusy), and others that you won’t find in most beers (Dank, Resiny).  So what exactly makes it “dank”, you ask?

humulus lupulus flower

Everyone knows the hops are what makes or breaks an IPA.  Dank not only gets its unique flavor from the special hops it uses, but also its name.  You see, Dank is brewed with Cannabaceae Humulus Lupulus, a variety of hops with a particularly popular cousin, cannabis (Yep, Pot.  Mary Jane.  Weed.  The sticky-icky).  You don’t have to worry about any THC in this sub-species of cannabis (because you’re worried about it, right?), who’s name roughly translates to “wolf in sheep’s clothing” for the tendency of all hops to grow on a host plant for structure and support.  While Cannabaceae Humulus Lupulus is cultivated just for hops, it’s worth noting that you can supposedly smoke this variety of hops (don’t take our word for it.  The Liquor Barn only advocates drinking hops).

So while Dank may be a less-than-subtle nod to another favorite form of recreation, it’s mainly just a great IPA!  Tell your buds!