Co2 Tanks

The Liquor Barn Buys & Sells CO2 Tanks!

The Denver Liquor Barn has TONS of Co2 Tanks and Corny Kegs!

The Denver Liquor Barn has TONS of Co2 Tanks and Corny Kegs!

We always have a HUGE selection of CO2 tanks in stock.  Our Co2 tanks are suitable for kegerators, home brewing, aquariums, and hydroponics.  All our tanks have current hydrostatic inspection stamp.

Not local? We also sell tanks on our eBay store!


Here is our current pricing for FULL Co2 tanks:

2.5lb Aluminum$54.99$59.99
5lb Steel$69.99N/A
5lb Aluminum$79.99$89.99
7lb Steel$69.99N/A
10lb Steel$75.99N/A
10lb Aluminum$84.99$89.99
15lb Steel$79.99N/A
15lb Aluminum$89.99$99.99
20lb Steel$109.99N/A
20lb Aluminum$119.99$139.99
50lb Steel$224.99$249.99
50lb Aluminum$249.99$259.99

We don’t always have every size listed, but we ALWAYS have 5/15/20/50lb tanks in stock!

We also exchange empty tanks for full tanks. Bring in your empty tank, and leave with a full one!

Exchange Prices:

CO2 2.5LB $7.00
CO2 3LB $9.00
CO2 5LB $10.00
NO2 5LB $15.00
100% Nitro 5LB $19.99
CO2 7LB $12.00
CO2 10LB $13.00
CO2 15LB $15.00
CO2 20LB $19.00
CO2 50LB $40.00
NO2 50LB $69.99

We’ll give you trade-in credit toward a filled tank, or for an upgrade charge, you can trade up to a larger tank, or upgrade a steel tank to aluminum.  Some conditions apply.

If your tank’s stamp is older than five years, you will need a hydrostatic test, and an extra $15.00 charge will apply.  We don’t always have every size, so if you’re looking for a specific size, please call first to make sure we have one available!  We always have lots of tanks, and will always work something out with you.

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