CO2 System Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your kegerator or other drafting system?  Check out this helpful CO2 troubleshooting guide:

Excessively Foamy BeerExcessive CO2Lower the amount of CO2 by turning the regulator adjusting screw counter clockwise. Then pull the relief valve on your keg coupler for about 2 seconds. In a normal keg fridge set up, you should set your regulator between 8 and 12 PSI. Repeat this step if necessary.
Worn Faucet PartsReplace worn washers and seals.
Bacteria growth in system, system is dirtyClean system
Dirty SystemDisassemble entire system. Clean all surfaces the beer runs through with warm water, soap and a brush. Run line cleaner through your system.
Warm Spots in Your Beer LineAll beer line should be kept inside your fridge to maintain consistently cold temperatures.
Obstruction in FaucetInsects and spiders can get up in there. The faucet should be removed, disassembled and cleaned with hot water and a brush between kegs.
Improper PourOpen the faucet quickly and completely. Proper foam should be ½" to 1"high. Wet the inside of the glass before pouring. Lay the beer in the glass by placing the faucet on the inside of the glass. Do not let the beer fall.
Old or Improper Beer LinesReplace old beer lines. If the beer line is discolored, yellow or dirty, it must be replaced. Beer line must be 3/16 ID by eight feet in length.
Improper beer or air line. Beer is absorbing plastic taste and odor from the lines.Use only authorized draught beer line equipment.
Not enough pressureIncrease the amount of CO2 by turning the regulator adjusting screw clockwise. Set your regulator between 8 and 12 PSI.
CO2 tank went emptyIf the keg went flat due to this problem, there is no fix for the beer. Make sure for your next keg all fittings are air tight with proper O-rings and seals. Make sure your regulator has a CO2 tank pressure gauge.
Greasy or soapy glassesDo not wash beer glasses with other glasses that have contained milk, or other fatty substances.
Bitter beer, Off Taste, Sour BeerBeer is too Warm (45%+) or beer is too old. Second fermentation may be occurring giving bitter beer taste, or the beer spoiled.Keep beer between 35ºF and 40° degrees.
Excessively Foamy Beer Warm BeerYour keg must always be kept between 35º and 40° degrees.
Flat BeerBeer is too coldTurn the temperature up. Your keg must always be kept between 35ºF and 40° degrees.

Beer Fact:

Keg beer, unlike packaged beer has never been pasteurized.  As a result, keg beer is full of live yeast, which gives beer a better flavor, and will turn sour if the temperature is allowed to get over 45° for even a short period of time.  A short 15 minute drive in 90 degree weather will bring a keg up to this temperature.  Keep them iced!

Keeping your keg at the proper temperature and under the constant pressure from a CO2 system is essentially life support for a keg.  Under these conditions, kegs can last several months.

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