Taps & Handles

Taps & Handles

Need a tap?  Liquor Barn has you covered!  We carry virtually every variety of taps and keg coupler available.  We stock both new and refurbished items, starting at only $19.00.

  • U system – Guiness, Harp
  • G system – Some European kegs
  • D system – “Sanke” tap, standard for most American beer kegs
  • S System – Heinekein, Stella and many others
  • A System – (European Slider) German & European beers

We even sell refurbished taps at great prices!



We also offer a great selection of new and pre-owned tap handles!  Come by and check out our current selection.

Liquor Barn sells Collectible Tap Handles

Tap Handles at Liquor Barn


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