FEATURED BEER: Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah!

Ghost Face Killah Beer at The Liquor Barn!

Is it hot?  Yes.  It’s RRRREALLY HOT.  But is it good?  Yes, Actually!

Ghost Face Killah is brewed with 6 zany peppers. Anaheim, Fresno, Jalapeno, Serrano, Habanero and Bhut Jolokia – Otherwise known as the Ghost Pepper. 200 times the heat of jalapenos, Bhut Jolokia are the hottest peppers in the world, a pepper so hot it can be weaponized. So hot that our brewers had to wear masks and gloves to cut them up. Aroma of smoked chillis fills the nose on first whiff, but don’t let it linger to long. Immediately on first taste GFK has a nice golden wheat flavor, but this is only for a fleeting moment before the temperature rises. Just hold on, the warmth of this beer will set in for a long spicy burn. There is only one finish on this beer – HEAT!  While this might sound like a daunting brew, I have it on good authority from our beer guys that it’s actually a great brew.   Only 100 cases were released, and you can pick it up by the bottle at The Liquor Barn to try it!

Food Pairing: Ice-cream or milk, because that is all that is going to help you with this brew. Available Seasonally in CO, NE, NM, FL, MO, TX and LA.


Ghost Face Killah Beer at The Liquor Barn!













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