Featured Wine: Cara Mia Moscato d’Asti

Cara Mia Moscato d'Asti at The Liquor Barn

Looking for something special to enjoy with your favorite person this Valentine’s Day?  Cara Mia Moscato d’Asti wine is a current customer favorite at The Liquor Barn!


Cara Mia Moscato is a luscious, soft, and fruity Moscato wine, from the Asti region of Italy.  Its delicate carbonation makes for a light, effervescent drinking experience.

Asti Italy

Asti Region, Italy


Cara Mia is Italian for “My Dear”, a nod to this wine’s romantic theme.  Cara Mia Moscato is produced by Oscar Bosio, a third-generation owner of prime Moscato vineyards in Northern Italy. He runs the La Bruciata Vineyard, in the town of Valdivilla, in the rolling hills of Asti, (thus the “d’Asti”), famous for producing this world class wine. At an elevation of 420 meters, this region is ideal for growing the aromatic and delicate Moscato grapes used in many fine Italian wines. The family farm specializes in the growing of Moscato grapes, devoting some seventeen hectares to their cultivation.



Grape Varietal: Moscato Bianco 100%
Vineyard Exposure: Southwestern 80%, Northern 20%
ABV: 5.5%
Total Acidity: 5.9
Residual Sugars: 120 g/l
Fragrance: Aromatic, with undertones of acacia flowers and sage
Taste: Fresh and lightly fizzy, sweetish aromatic with hints of peach and exotic fruits.
Food Pairings: Fresh fruits, leavened pastry and creams, tiramisù, and panna cotta. Also makes a great aperitif to enjoy in place of Champagne.