FEATURED WINE: Honoro Vera Garnacha

Honoro Vera Garnacha Wine at Liquor Barn (Denver's Best Liquor Store!)

Bodegas Ateca’s Honoro Vera Garnacha is a complex wine, made from a simple grape.

The best vineyards of Calatayud are situated high on the hillsides, where, despite the poor gravelly soil, the hearty vines produce the finest grapes possible in this arid and seemingly inhospitable region.  Only the ripest clusters are chosen, thus producing a wine of considerable depth and finesse.  The nose offers intense aromas of sweet cherries and dark plums, with an exotic, spicy finish reminiscent of white pepper.

Honoro Vera Garnacha is made with Grenache Grapes

Grenache (Grenacha) Grapes

Honoro Vera is made with Garnacha (grenache) grapes, long known as a workhorse grape, which is usually thought of as a low quality varietal that was only useful in blends.  While this may seem like a drawback, this versatility made grenache the most planted red grape in both France and Spain at one point.  Grenache is currently enjoying a bit of a revival in many parts of Europe and the USA, largely thanks to great wines like Honoro Vera!

Many wine enthusiasts enjoy Garnacha from Spain because most offer great fruit essence,  but in what is still a dryer wine.   This quality makes grenaches appealing to a wide spectrum of palettes.  Honoro Vera is no different in this regard, with deep notes of juicy plums, currants, and sweet berries.  Honoro Vera’s flavor offers lovely fruit tones, yet it is not sweet.  This flavor dynamic is highlighted by the touch of white pepper on the finish.  

Overall, Honoro Vera makes for a great red wine.  Try it at Liquor Barn today!