Keep Colorado Cool. Keep Colorado Local!

Liquor Barn wants YOU to KEEP COLORADO LOCAL!

If you live in Colorado and have heard of this “beer” stuff that seems so popular here, you probably already know about Keep Colorado Local.   Keep Colorado Local is a grassroots campaign aimed at keeping the incredible Colorado craft beer and spirits scene in the hands of the passionate small business owners and operators who created it.  But with powerful out-of-state corporate interests trying to change things for the worse, the Colorado craft beer and spirits industry needs your help!

Don’t buy your beer where you buy your bread.  It’s old advice, but it’s truer now than ever!

The unique legal and cultural climate of Colorado has created a craft beer, wine, and spirits industry unlike anywhere else in the world.  Our local craft beverage scene is unparalleled, in variety AND quality.  All that success has been an incredible addition to Colorado’s economy, and most of that money has gone to support small businesses…but some people (well, corporations) want that to change.  Several corporate giants are lobbying to change Colorado’s liquor laws to allow them to reap the financial rewards of the industry that Colorado small businesses worked so hard to create.  All while putting many those very breweries, distilleries, and mom-and-pop liquor stores out of business.  It’s estimated that as many as 15,000 Colorado liquor industry jobs could be lost to corporate chains if we don’t do something!

Here’s some info from the good people at Keep Colorado Local on exactly what’s at stake:

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If you care about Colorado’s amazing craft beer industry, or just don’t like the idea of big corporations forcing Colorado brewers, distillers, and other liquor industry employees out of the business, please join the coalition at Keep Colorado Local to let our lawmakers know how you feel!  We’re all in this together!