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Colorado Sun'Shine Moonshine at Liquor Barn (Denver's BEST liquor store!)

Colorado Sun’shine Moonshine

Colorado’s own Big Head Todd and the Monsters have teamed up with h i p Brand Development, Inc. to create Colorado Sun’Shine, a unique new White Whiskey (aka Moonshine) with a distinctly “Colorado” feel!

Fitch’s Goat

FEATURED: Fitch’s Goat Corn Whiskey & Moonshine

Two great farm-fresh spirits from a simpler time!  

Colorado Whiskeys Feature at Liquor Barn (Denver's best liquor store!)

Three Great Colorado Whiskeys Available at Liquor Barn!

Liquor Barn is proud to offer three premium whiskeys from right here in Colorado!

Avery Brewing Co’s Uncle Jacob’s Stout is here!

The newest brew from Avery’s Annual Barrel Series is here!  Uncle Jacob’s Stout is out (in VERY limited quantities), and The Liquor Barn has some!  Uncle Jacob’s Stout boasts a no-nonsense 17.4% alcohol content and even more kick from the 6 months of whiskey barrel aging.